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Feel like you're always going 1000 miles a minute?

Struggling with always

having to fix something?

Do you feel guilty when you take a break? 

Are you unable to concentrate

or think clearly? 

If so, you may be functioning in an energy induced panic from over processing information.


What else does that create? 

Constant Chaos

When you have an issue processing information, it creates a constant feeling of chaos in every area of your life. An inner quickness that it seems you can never escape.


Being present in your life is difficult in this space of energetic overwhelm. Avoiding people, places, and situations where you may have to make a decision is common.


Scared to not have control over a situation yet scared to be in control is crippling. When you are overprocessing information, it's hard to let anything go.


Perpetrating patterns of self abuse and verbal abuse can be common. Being overwhelmed is taxing in and on your body, mind, and spirit. 


I'm so grateful you're here!
I'm Bonnie

I am a self-proclaimed firecracker. I have always been the one who points out everything everywhere. Nothing gets by me. I see it, feel it, and often times find myself saying it. 

As a child, I was not well received. In fact, I was routinely made wrong for who I was and what I knew, so I thought I must be bipolar. I always felt so up and down. I never felt settled or free to be me in any way. I always felt judged, and like I didn’t fit in. 


As I journeyed through my life, I was a chronic people pleaser, always checking in to see who I should be or what was acceptable. It wasn’t until I became a mom that I knew I had to change these patterns. Having my son was the most incredible thing that has ever happened to me. As I observed him functioning in the same patterns I did, I knew I had to change. I had to find a way to not uphold these old patterns anymore, and that’s when I found consciousness work. And now, I’m on a mission to support people like me to go beyond these old patterns to find the space and ease of them.

How Can I Help You?

Let me guide you to your ease!

Get New Space

Change can be difficult, especially when you're constantly looping in old energies. One of my main jobs as a consciousness facilitator is to hold a space of non-judgment for you, so you can go beyond the old energies to find new spaces of you.

Clear Your Blocks

We all have old programs and belief systems that keep us looping in not having a choice in our life. Allow me to assist you in energetically releasing and removing your blocks so you can show up differently in your own life.

Learn New Tools

I will teach you step by step how to be the you you desire to be! I have so many tools in my tool box to assist you in processing through energy and awareness so you are no longer bogged down by overwhelm. These tools are life changing.

Take My Lead

Come journey with me through consciousness and awareness to assist you in stepping into your awareness with ease! Learning to process through energy and awareness is my specialty, and I would love to assist you on the journey.

Stop Drowning In Overwhelm

Learn how to process through information to change these old patterns for good.


jessica rives

Jessica Rives

I have had the pleasure of being a client of Bonnie. Her beautiful Reiki frequency she holds really has helped me see where I was looping in no choice. After my clearing I have been allowing myself more choices. I highly recommend working with Bonnie.

Jamie Bates Head shot.jpg

Working with Bonnie has been absolutely delightful! She encompasses such an amazing space of strength and ease. She is intuitive and aware with this magical space of knowingness that she not only taps into but subtly invites everyone in her space into acknowledging. Bonnie is a powerhouse of change.


Tamara Glenn

Bonnie was so helpful with clearing out old patterns that no longer served me! Her energy was calming and put me at ease. I was impressed with her intuitive abilities as well. I highly recommend Bonnie for anyone ready to make some serious and positive change in their life!

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