Bonnie offers a variety of services to ensure a patient's needs and goals are tailored specifically for them and their highest good. 


If you would like to book any sessions, please click the Book Now buttons below, to be taken to a calendar. Once you have chosen your day and time please send payment to through PayPal. 


For any specifically tailored payments, such as for multiple, single card readings, please contact Bonnie first.


Additionally, she does offer psychic medium services but she asks that all inquiries must contact her directly first.


Please read the Terms and Policy below before booking any sessions with Bonnie. Be aware that booking and paying for any service is an agreement of these terms. 

Terms and Policy

If a client needs to reschedule: 

All sessions are booked according to Bonnie’s west coast time zone-Pacific Standard Time (PST).

Any sessions with Bonnie are meant for each client's highest good, in mind, body and spirit. Should a client forget to attend a session, cancel outside of the policy guidelines, miss the reading due to a booking error or for any other reason without communication to reschedule 24 hours in advance, no refund will be permitted.


To reschedule, there will be a $50 fee. Payment is due in full at the time of the booking. Bonnie will use due diligence to contact the client at the scheduled start time. If no contact is made by the client within 15 minutes into the session, Bonnie will cancel the reading and no refund will be issued.


Bonnie will contact each client at the time of their reading. 


24-hour notice is required in order to make accommodations to reschedule.


Bonnie Wertman does not give medical advice, please seek a medical professional for advice with any health-related issues. Please follow your own internal guidance system and intuition. Reiki sessions especially, do not stand in for seeking a medical professional where and when more appropriate.


Additionally, by booking a session, you are agreeing that Bonnie Wertman is not responsible for how you use information from readings and that by the nature of spiritual contact, not all readings are 100% accurate.


Finally, by agreeing to the terms here, and by booking a session with Bonnie Wertman, you are also agreeing you are 18 years of age or older and are thereby responsible for your own welfare.


Thank You.

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