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I facilitate highly sensitive empaths to stop overprocessing information using energy facilitation techniques to end the panic and anxiety struggle.

I work one-on-one with clients for a minimum of three months. This time frame allows me to help you shift your old patterns and mindsets to anchor in new tools and processes to fully actualize a new space of you. During this time frame, we meet weekly so you can receive regular energy facilitation. Receiving regular energy facilitation with me will assist you in the following ways: 

Release Overwhelm

Stop spending your one and only life spinning in overwhelm. Everything is harder in this space, literally everything. This is an unnecessary way to live. You deserve to feel peaceful and live a peaceful life. 

Stop The Worry Cycle

Worry and overwhelm go hand and hand. End the cycle when you learn to process through information. You're only caught in worry because there are too many things you're processing through at one time. Let me show you how to easily end this cycle.

Stop Spinning In Guilt

It's time to stop feeling guilty about everything! You are a sensitive being that has not been taught tolive as a sensitive being. Stop feeling bad about that, learn to be you.

Learn To Make Good Choices

Stop spinning in trying to figure out what to do or choose. Learn to be a fast, confident chooser and allow life to transform magically!

The Universe really does have your back, you just need to choose it! 

Stop Fearing Life

Life is meant to be lived, let's live already! There is nothing to fear except fear itself. Let me assist you beyond the paradigms of fear and into the confidence of you.

Be You

Be the you you didn't even realize was hiding behind all that overwhelm. Let me assist you in standing in your power and ease. Everything gets better magically!

"I am so incredibly grateful to have Bonnie as my Conscious Facilitator! I believe for the first time in my life I felt someone truly holding space for me and guiding me through the process of releasing the old and yucky energy and creating the space to choose differently. I appreciate the fact that she shared some of her personal experiences. Try her and you will experience someone who is truly and deeply present and the lightness you will feel afterward is amazing!"

Jennifer S.

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