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About Bonnie

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About Bonnie


Mom, Healer, Intuitive, Consciousness Facilitator, Actress, Friend

Bonnie lives in Orange County, California with her son, Jason. Bonnie is and always has been a strong independent woman who has navigated through many of life's ups and downs with grace and ease. 


Bonnie is a super sensitive soul who has struggled with what to do with all this stuff, you know? She has always known things about things, and about people (even the dead ones). Bonnie comes from a family of highly sensitive people, all of which are very good at internalizing all of the information they know. 


Bonnie has always been a go-getter, highly motivated to move forward in life and achieve goals. All while she was judging herself, stuffing her anxiety deep down and not allowing herself to be present with the energies around her for fear of getting into trouble or knowing too much. Dealing with multiple levels of abuse her whole life, she found most of the patterns she had accumulated came from the place of survival and blocking out all the chaos all around her. 


When she became a mom, she knew she had to find a new way. As she watched her son grow and his sensitivities became apparent, she knew she had to find a way to help him stand in who he is and what he's aware of. Through this space, Bonnie also found herself and finally realized that there has never been anything wrong with her. She developed survival patterns to help her move forward in life, but now she is giving herself the space and ease to know things, receive things, and truly be the space of her. 


Bonnie is now on a mission to create her dream of helping other people like her go beyond the inner quickness that creates chaos in your life.

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