About Bonnie

Reiki Master, Karuna Reiki Master, Sai Maa Diksha practitioner, and an IMPART Certified Healer.

Bonnie is a single Momma to her love bug, Jason, who is a very spiritually gifted child. She absolutely loves guiding his gifts and enabling him to grow brilliantly.  

Her hobbies include traveling, spending time in nature, spending time with family and friends, drawing, reading and swimming. 

She is a passionate Reiki Master who loves conducting Reiki sessions of all forms, along with a variety of different therapy methods. 


Psychic mediumship is another talent that Bonnie enjoys bringing to all her work, as she taps into both her own energy, that of her clients', and the source energy which flows through all things on Earth. 


Additionally, Bonnie loves connecting with source energy to bring clients in contact with their loved ones on the other side via readings!